PIVOT’s most popular Suction Cup Mount. Attaches to any non-porous surface with unshakable grip due to the PanaVise Locking Suction Cup. Adjustable viewing angles.

Complete Mounting Solution: Includes all hardware necessary to mount a PIVOT case in virtually any aircraft, vehicle, desktop, or other non-porous surface.
PanaVise Locking Suction Cup: Nearly unbreakable grip thanks to the mechanically activated dual-mode suction cup.
PIVOT Click-Connect: Quickly and securely attaches to any PIVOT case.
FAA Approved: Tested and approved by the FAA for use in-flight. This exact mount is currently in widespread use throughout the airline industry and military aviation.
(The PIVOT Double Suction Cup Mount is recommended for helicopter applications)


Suction Cup Diameter: 3.25 in (82.55 mm)

Height (Extended Vertically): 6.25 in (158.75 mm)


PPK-1 Mounting Plate: Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate, TPU Rubber

PIVOT Dogbone Adapter: Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate

PanaVise Curved Arm: Stainless Steel, Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate

Base: Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate

Suction Cup: Aviation-Grade Silicone

Weight: 9.54 oz ( g)


PIVOT, as the sole aviation distribution outlet for PanaVise products, expect to continue to gain market share on entrenched suppliers with better pricing, quality and most importantly, performance. PIVOT has sold over 100,000 suction cups for use with our system to airlines, companies, and individuals all over the world. The success rate has been simply phenomenal with an almost zero (0.2%) defect or failure rate!

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 cm

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