We call it a Cockpit Bag, designed by AEROPhoenix to be simple, practical, and cockpit friendly. Perhaps it’s ease of use is a Brighter idea. Enjoy the simplicity of well thought out storage, just right for most pilots.

No fluff, just stuff features:

One of the two zippered end pockets for headsets has a webbed (easily pushed aside) divider to use instead for say a water bottle and tranceiver. An outside, elastic netted pouch is now included for even more flexibilitiy.
The full-width long-side pockets are each velcroed rather than zippered, ideal for quick, easy opening when the bag is at far reach. The outer flapped pocket houses “full-height” easy-use holders for pens, pencils, or small flashlight, as well as a zippered valuables pouch.
Without bulky wide-side compartments, this compact, yet surprisingly large capacity bag, conveniently fits between cockpit seats.
A single inside, webbed divider offers organizational flexibility, without the complexity of multiple dividers, nor the awkwardness of velcroed ones. If not needed, it instantly lays flat against the inside wall.
The bag is tall enough to hold the largest of common aviation text books, and wide enough to fit a long tri-fold knee board or standard plotter in the outside pouches.
Padded shoulder strap, Carabiner with strap and key ring are included.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 27 cm

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