About us

airspare was established by five aviation professionals with 85 years combined experience in the aviation industry. The directors have held engineering, flight crew and operations positions. Three hold current pilot licences and another is a current engineer with both fixed and rotary wing experience.

airspare was created in response to the ongoing issues faced by both engineers and consumers who ask themselves where they can find parts quickly and at a fair price. It can be a lengthy process to identify, compare and order parts and often (especially with high value items) you will be forced to request a quote. Not with airspare. All items listed have clearly visible prices and delivery terms attached to them.

airspare has been developed to be your first choice when buying or selling aircraft parts and supplies. With items listed by accredited sellers, we feature a host of products ranging from oil to pilot kneeboards.

As a buyer, you are not required to register and/or to sign up. You can simply browse and shop on the website as a visitor. As a seller, you are not limited to the number of items you list and we absorb the resulting transaction fees when you sell via our website.

airspare looks forward to welcoming you to our online marketplace.

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